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i like posting silly things on the web! you can find a bunch of it here!

about me

i'm an autistic gay trans girl who likes computers. i like old technologies and other stuff that doesn't work properly.
i'm the webmistress that runs kemonomimi.gay, with the help of my amazing friends :3

i like spending time on the internet, and seeing what the cute people of the fediverse post. when i'm not doing that, i like to write code and do silly projects!
i also have a blog, though it's quite empty for now...

talk to me. i dare u.

i'm available on matrix: @yukijoou:catgirl.cloud
i have a fedi account: @yukijoou@fedi.kemonomimi.gay
i also have a selfhosted email: [SHOW EMAIL]

Please enable javascript to see my email :3 (only using it as an anti-scraper thing). if you really don't want to, here is my base64-encoded email: eXVraWpvb3VAa2Vtb25vbWltaS5nYXk=

silly projects

the things i do at my computer :3


this is a dead simple HTML pages generator that makes making dead simple websites easy! it's written in bash, so really easy to run on all sorts of systems, and fairly simple to use.
learn more over here


it's a dameon to get 2-in-1 laptop/tablet convertible devices to work well using wlroots-based compositors on linux. for now it's more or less specifically made for my own lenovo miix-320icr, but the goal is to make it so that all laptops that can act as tablets work smoothly on linux+wlroots.

currently hosted at yukijoou/convertablet, no proper documentation yet, but if you want to get it working on your device, please get in touch! i'll be more than happy to make it work, and will include support for your device once i get it in a working state!


i do sysadmin work to keep the websites and services we host running! most of my work is behind the scene, and shoudln't be noticeable (i hope). at some point, i want to opensource most of the scripts i use to manage this infrastructure so that other people can see how it all works, and be inclined to selfhost their stuff ^_^

reduced motion in opensource projects

i'm on a crusade to get as much of the software i'm using as possible to be reduced-motion friendly. as i'm quite motion-sensitive, i really don't like stuff that moves arounde everywhere, so i try to make websites and apps not have it when the "reduced motion" setting is enabled!
i don't have any page where i track this sort of thing, i just mostly do one-off contribution to projects and hope they accept it